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Pros And Cons Of WordPress New Editor Gutenberg

A subject of some intense conversation is WordPress’s new online editor Gutenberg. Named after Johannes Gutenberg, who 500 years ago invented the printing press, the Gutenberg editor is made up of content blocks. With Gutenberg, WordPress is going to replace their current visual editor (TinyMCE) and add many new features.

Gutenberg won’t be available until the release and instalment of WordPress 5.0 sometime later in 2018. Gutenberg can be added as a plugin to WordPress, but this is not recommended as it is still in beta form. Gutenberg emphasizes the ease of creating content, as it was designed to be free of distractions.

What Is The Gutenberg Editor

WordPress is pretty much to go to the Content Management System (CMS) used by many bloggers, editors, and online websites managers. So why a new visual editor for WordPress? By adding Gutenberg to WordPress core, the focus is to improve the features and make the editing experience much easier process for authors. Focusing on flexible block editing and ease-of-use, editor’s will have to make fewer behind-the-scene code changes.

What Is Block Content?

Gutenberg eliminates the need for short-codes or other forms of coding by allowing the people who write on the internet to add all content through the ‘content blocks’ and ‘embeds.’ With the click of a button, users will be able to create headers, titles, text body, embed from media things like images and videos from social accounts.

Everything you need to produce good content is in the form of blocks that you drag and drop. Widgets and menus are no longer needed anything created within a block can be saved and reused. An example, you just created a very unique layout for a Blog you’re working on, and you might want to use it again, just click save.

For those of you who use WordPress to create newsletters, a Blog, write articles for online reading, Gutenberg is the right editor for you. An article written about Gutenberg is not going to replace actually using it. If you have WordPress, you can download Gutenberg as a plugin and give it a test run. Be aware because this is in beta form there could be a few issues.

What are the pros and cons of using Gutenberg once WordPress 5.0 has been released? Take a look.

The Gutenberg Editor

  • Developers can now create paths for themes that support content blocks much easier.
  • Gutenberg will merely support layouts unlike visual editors, such as Elementor or Beaver Builder.
  • Site load timing will be reduced as Gutenberg eliminates large content blocks.
  • Unlike Divi, with content block inbuilt, that complicates changing themes, Gutenberg users will be encouraged to change themes.
  • The unsupported content block will be compatible with Gutenberg without any changes.
  • Themes of your choice without content options can be offered without third-party installation.
  • Another feature in Gutenberg’s favour is its compatibility with mobile devices.


  • Possibly complicated for beginners, the real issue may be due to the adaptability to the change.
  • Not all plugins are compatible with WordPress. Due to their meta box design. This issue is solved for plugin designers through the extended settings panel.
  • Plug-in developers are faced with a challenge with Gutenberg but, WordPress will offer a Plug-in to restore the previous version of the editor.
  • To get columns, the users have to take advantage of builder plugins and short plugins.
  • Without a smooth rollout both the users and the ratings for Gutenberg or going To feel the impact.
  • WordPress is using Gutenberg in beta form as a plug-in to their editing website to get some of the bugs removed before lunch date.
  • There are a few in the techie world that don’t see Gutenberg as a positive addition to WordPress.
    Gutenberg is highly anticipated by the loyal users of WordPress. When WordPress 5.0 is launched will many of the bugs in Guttenberg be resolved?
  • If you are looking to embark on a new WordPress project and Gutenberg is something you are considering, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.
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