The Challenge

When we started working with ConnectSport, they were a small organisation producing news about the sport for development sector. The organisation had, however, started to rise to prominence in a very nascent, but high growth sector.

Initially, ConnectSport asked us to add functionality to their existing website, but having run through a few workshops with them, it became apparent that they needed to address fundamental issues with the brand, digital marketing and, of course, the platform itself. This was necessary if they were to consolidate their position as the default news channel for the sector.


UX Design
Site development/delivery


Drupal 7




December 2018


The Solution.

The first place to start was to revisit the brand. We completely revised the organisation’s public image, redesigning all brand assets, logos and style guides. We took this approach into the design on the website to really lift the organisation to give it the professional appearance it deserved, as well as to future proof it, with strong use of interchangeable images and cutting modern edge fonts.

Technically we decided that the WordPress instance the old site was based on was not sufficient to support an organisation with growth expectations such as ConnectSport, and so we re-platformed to Drupal where the enhanced entity and class structure possibilities would be more supportive.

End Result

The end result was and remains spectacular. Our mission going in to this project was not just to enhance the capabilities and brand of ConnectSport, but indeed show the sport for sector what is possible and where the benchmark should be set with regards to professional standards. We achieved this and, with our help, ConnectSport are now working with hugely important organisations within the industry.

So What’s Next?

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