The Challenge

Global Watch Shop is an international retailer of high-end watches and timepieces. We were approached by their SEO agency to help deliver a new commerce platform in order to rectify significant ongoing issues that they were experiencing with their existing site, primarily with regards to site stability, organic search performance and functional back-end limitations.

The project had two primary business drivers; to deliver the platform using Magento 2, and to take the project from initiation to launch in just 4 months, in order to be effective for the busy Christmas trading period.


E-commerce Development
EDPQ integration
Site development/delivery


Magneto 2


Erudite/Global Watch Shop


December 2017


The Solution.

Given the limited timeframes and the structure of the designs we were presented with, we realised it was possible to adapt and modify the pre-existing Mangeto 2 ‘Luma’ theme to bring down the front-end resources required to full the project.

This approach meant that we could create a highly functional and beautiful front end site, whilst freeing up more of the limited development time available to focus on engineering a back-end that would both meet and exceed the identified business requirements

At the time, the Magento 2 platform was relatively new to the market and many of the core modules that had been developed for Magento 1 were not yet available for the latter version. As a result, we had to re-engineer several key supporting modules, including one to accommodate the Barclays Bank EDPQ gateway – to make sure that prompt and secure payments could be taken via the site.

We delivered the project to time, budget and defect free at the time of launch, critical as the launch date was right at the start of a critical trading period and where flawless delivery was to be key.

So What’s Next?

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