The Challenge

IZA (Institute of Labor Economics) is a German organisation who curate, commission and manage research on global labour markets. They license their content to Bloomsbury PLC who promote it internationally, predominantly via the IZA World of Labor website.

Bloomsbury approached LOKOMOTIV to replace the existing World of Labor site which was outdated, non-responsive (mobile) and becoming hugely costly to maintain and support. Furthermore, they wanted to see if more could be done to raise the brand from an impact point of view, whilst remaining true to the existing brand assets and guidelines.


UX Design
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Yii Framework


Bloomsbury PLC/IZA/p>


March 2017


The Solution.

The challenge for reinventing the World of Labor site was two-fold. The first was creative. Not only did we have to add energy and personality to a highly controlled corporate persona, but we also had to design a site that could accommodate large amounts of text and statistical information whilst keeping the experience clean and not overbearing for the end-user.

The second challenge was technical. Working with pre-existing and fixed XML inputs and complicated publishing flows and processes required developing a highly evolved and complicated bespoke back-end CMS to manage all the site requisite functions.

With a strong use of imagery and white space, we created a website which is ergonomically simple and effective, not to mention easy to navigate and retrieve information from. This, coupled with the supporting custom framework (built with Yii framework), has made the site highly effective in achieving its business objectives. This has culminated in a 133% increase in traffic since the new instance was launched.

So What’s Next?

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